Become an early childhood educator with a childcare job
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$850 - $1,000 per week working from home!

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                   To Assist Your New Career Small Business Working from Home:

  • We provide training, support, and advice with equipment, playgroups, books, and toys.
  • We place children in your care, administer fees, and introduce you into our community of carers.
  • We encourage applications by people of diversecultural backgrounds.


                       Here are links to more information, to help your decision making:

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          Family Day Care: Your New Career?  (PDF, 1.5 MB Download)

           The Kind of Help You Can Expect from Us  (PDF, 86 KB)

           Your Potential Gross Income as a Carer  (PDF, 48 KB)

                    Detailed summary of our startup assistance:

       business structure & financial help

  • All the information you need to establish yourself as a Family Day Care Provider in Queensland  -- including tax benefits for you

  • Business Cards

  • Administrative Support: forms, photocopying, policies & other documents

  • Standard Fee Structure

  • Support and Training in Calculating Fees from the Submission of Timesheets

  • Child Care Benefit is calculated and paid for families with children in care

  • Advertising, Marketing, Profile, and Web Site marketing presence

  • Referral of Families for Placement of Children

      education & training

  • On the job training [academic credentials not required]

  • Quality In-Service Training in Early Childhood Care and Education

  • Financial assistance for optional Extra Training of your choice

      professional support by experienced staff

  • Coordination Team Supports You in working with Children and Families.

  • Professionally planned Playgroup for wider community interaction among carers, children, and parents -- learning from a variety of experiences.

  • Support through Home Visits by Coordination Team Members.

  • Coordination Team Assistance with ideas, observations, coaching.

  • The Coordination Team advocate for you on behalf of the good name of Family Day Care Services within this community.

  • We advise and support you in Business Management and Professional Conduct, including conflict resolution if necessary.

      equipment & supplies


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