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  Australia takes the next big step towards a national system for education and care services  Ministers' Media Centre

The National Quality Framework being implemented by all Australian Governments started to take effect from 1 January 2012, and will improve educator-to-child ratios so that each child gets the individual time and attention they need.

The National Quality Framework introduces educator qualification requirements so educators are better able to lead activities to inspire children and to help them learn, grow and develop.

  Changes to payment options for Child Care Rebate

From 4 July 2011, if you receive Child Care Benefit for approved child care during the year, the Child Care Rebate may be paid to you in one of four ways;

  • Direct to your approved child care service/s
  • Direct to you
  • Quarterly payments to you
  • Annual payment to you

Note: The payment option you have chosen for Child Care Rebate will be applied for the entire financial year. A new payment option cannot be applied until the start of the next financial year.

For more information view the Child Care Rebate page.


  Claiming  | word from Centrelink


For more information, refer to claim forms for parents and guardians.


  Prevent Child Cancer -- Go to Playgroup!   |  Sydney Morning Herald

CHILDREN who attend day-care centres or playgroups have a 30 per cent less chance of developing a life-threatening cancer, a study has found.

Researchers found that children who had regular contact with their peers and were exposed to a multitude of infections were more likely to develop a stronger immune system, helping them fight the development of the most common form of childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. 

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  ABC 730 Report Video on Toddler Drownings   |  Broadcast Transcript

On average each week two children aged under four die or are seriously injured after falling into a pool, lake or being left alone in the bath tub.

Figures just released by the Royal Life Saving Society forecast toddler drownings to increase by 20 per cent this year.

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Neuroscientist explains how to stimulate young brains  |  April 20, 2012

Educational engagement with children in the very early years pays off according to one of the world's leading neurologists, Dr Judy Willis. Dr Willis is a scientist and former teacher who has written six books about applying the mind, the brain and educational research in the classroom. Dr Willis appeared on the ABC Lateline Program from Santa Barbara. 

Click for video


  Feature Story on Family Day Care in Sydney's Child Magazine

A very positive explanation of Family Day Care as a fully approved, licensed, coordinated, and regulated model of professional Australian childcare.  A very timely article given the recent uncertainty about the financial viability of a large corporate childcare operating many centres.


  Opting Out of Work  | Herald Sun

A THIRD of Australians aged over 15 do no paid work and most of them do not want jobs, according to a snapshot of the country's workforce.

Almost two-thirds of the 5.5 million Australians not in paid work were women while a third were aged 70 or over.

  Time Flies and We're Not Having Fun

WE'RE working more, playing less, and even losing sleep - new figures on how Australians use their time leaves no doubt life is a juggling act.

A report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows people are shaving precious minutes off their time spent sleeping, exercising and even eating -- with more time going to commuting, child caring, shopping and work.


More websites are targeting preschoolers

There are a growing number of websites that target the post-diaper, pre-kindergarten set. A new generation of sites for preschoolers tout themselves as offering educational value and a rich multimedia experience, with some charging monthly fees.


  Taking Play Seriously  | New York Times Magazine Essay

Stuart Brown, president of the U.S. National Institute for Play, discussed the importance of play. Brown called play part of the 'developmental sequencing of becoming a human primate.

If you look at what produces learning and memory and well-being, play is as fundamental as any other aspect of life, including sleep and dreams.'  Extended, thoughtful article.


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